Cellular South

SFX: Telephone ring, entire conversation takes place over the phone.

Mother: Hello?

Son: Hey, Mom.

Mother: Oh, hi sweetie.

Son: I’m at the police station -

Mother: What?! What happened?

Son: Nothing really.

Mother: You’re at the police station.

Son: Okay, well, it all started at the tattoo parlor...

Mother: Tattoo parlor?

Son: It’s no big deal. We all got one. Even Krystal.

Mother: Who’s Krystal?

Son: She’s a dancer at the club.

Mother: Club? But you’re 15 years old.

Son: It’s okay. Krystal’s 22 and she’s totally cool.

Mother: I thought you were going to a movie.

Son: We were but plans changed. I would’ve called but you wouldn’t let me have a cell phone.

Mother: Oh dear…

Annc: Well, that’s one way to convince your parents to get you a cell phone. You could also try being rational with them. Y’know, point out how Cellular South lets you talk all month for a flat-rate of $39.99. And gives your parents the peace of mind that moms and dads tend to want.

Son: Hey, mom? How old do you have to be to get married?

Annc: Sign up now and text all you want for a flat rate of just $5 a month. Move to the Cellular South. Stop by the store nearest you, visit cellularsouth.com, or call 877-CSOUTH1. Certain restrictions may apply.