Ethan Allen

Man: Honey?

Woman: Yea?

Man: If you could have just one thing on a desert island, what would it be?

Woman: You!

Man: You’ve already got me, what else?

Woman: A sale.

Man: What good is a sail without a boat?

Woman: Not that kind of a sale. The Ethan Allen Essential Sale.

Man: Come on.

Woman: I’m serious. You see, that way all the essentials will be covered.

From sofas to dining sets to entertainment units to home accessories. We’d have everything we’d ever need.

Man: Well you know what they say?

Woman: What?

Man: All you need is loooove.

Woman: Did I mention the bedroom stuff?

Man: Hmmm, now you’re talking. Just the two of us. In our island paradise, lounging on beautiful Ethan Allen furniture. When do we leave?

Woman: Right now. The sale’s about to end.

Man: What happened to the island?

Woman: Well, I figure with the right furniture, we’ll make our own little paradise right here. Now we have to hurry. The Essential Sale’s almost over.

Anncr: Come in and discover the many items on sale at the Ethan Allen store nearest you, in New Jersey and New York. Hurry in. The sale ends April 6th.