Hechinger Mall

Janet: Macy’s, Gap, Casual Corner, Sears -- I can hardly believe all the ...

Husband: Slow down ... wait a minute. Something’s got you all excited.

Janet: Every store at Hechinger Mall is running a July 4th sale all week long!

Husband: Every store ... all week long?

Janet: Yes! Monday we can go to Sears and buy the comforter we’ve wanted.

Tuesday we can go to Gap and buy you a new suit and tie. Wednesday we can go to Casual Corner and ...

Husband: And cancel our dinner plans on Thursday and Friday? My tennis game on Tuesday? Dinner with the boss on Monday?

Janet: Bring the boss along! Bring them all along! In fact, who would want to miss a Hechinger Mall’s July 4th All-Week All-Store Sale?

Husband: Uh, Janet?

Janet: Yes, dear?

Husband: Call your lawyer.

Janet: Kaplan and Koppelman ... they’re in Hechinger Mall too ... but of course I’ll have to wait ‘til Monday! Remember the sale.