Man 1: Hello, Kinko’s, the Copy Center. More stores than you think. How may we help?

Man 2: Do you copy shirts?

Man 1: What do you mean “Do you copy shirts?”

Man 2: See, I started this new job ...

Man 1: Yeah ...?

Man 2: And they want me to wear white shirts every day.

Man 1: I’m with you so far.

Man 2: I thought since you guys copy anything, I could bring in one white shirt – my only white shirt -- and I could walk out of Kinko’s with say, 100 clean shirt-copies.

Man 1: Look. Kinko’s is very big on savings, and very big on copies, but

Man 2: Great! I’ll be right down to one of your many convenient locations, and

Man 1: Hold it! Stop the copiers, fella, this is ridiculous. We can’t copy your shirt or you. I mean, we could, but of course you’d only get shirt fronts, and of course the copies would be on paper.