Laser Image Sculpting

Eyes: Yo! It’s your eyes talking. Looked in the mirror lately? Of course you have. Hey, face, you trying to imitate a prune? Too many trips to Cancun, huh? Well, maybe it’s time to improve your image.

Anncr: At Laser Image Sculpting, we not only offer the latest cosmetic laser technology, we offer extremely bright, highly experienced doctors. After all, the laser is a miracle, in the right hands.

Eyes: Hands? Yeah --- we see liver spots. Always hated liver.

Anncr: Laser Sculpting can also vaporize birthmarks and skin discolorations.

Eyes: Speaking of discolorations -- Brain, what were you thinking with the tattoo?

Anncr: Spider veins gone in a flash.

Eyes: Spider veins? Eek, makes our skin crawl.

Anncr: Acne scars smoothed in seconds.

Eyes: Scars? Like when your brother tripped you. We gonna have to look at that scar forever or what?

Anncr: You’d be amazed how fast and easy today’s cosmetic solutions can be – when performed by the best laser doctors. Call toll free, 1-800-2-IMAGE.

Eyes: Hey Brain, free! 1-800-2-IMAGE.

Anncr: LASER IMAGE SCULPTING. Our doctors make our lasers smarter.