Newsday Advertising

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Newsday Advertising

Man: Honey? What’s all our stuff doing in the driveway?

Women: It’s a Newsday spring cleanup sale. For only $19.95 we can put a two-line classified ad in Newsday for seven days. And with over two million readers...we’ll get results fast.

Man: Two lines, all additions, for only $19.95? That’s more than 50% savings off their regular rate. But if Newsday is having a clean-up sale, why does our driveway look like a flea market?

Women: Because there’s never been a better time for us to turn the things we don’t use into cash we can use.

Man: You mean appliances, jewelry, furniture, exercise equipment?

Women: Even your old guitar.

Man: Two lines, all additions, for only $19.95...are you sure?

Women: Of course I’m sure. I called Rudy.

Man: Who’s Rudy?

Women: He’s a classified Newsday sales consultant. He was really nice, and helpful.

Man: More than 50% off, and friendly service? Newsday really does have all we need.

Women: Cleanup with Newsday. Call us at 516-843-3000. That’s 516-843-3000.

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