Pms Escape

Husband: Hi, honey. Picked up the dry cleaning.

Wife: Thanks.

Hus: And, I picked these up for you at the jewelers.

Wife: (Surprised, catches her breath) Oh! Sapphires.

Hus: Yea. Oh, and I stopped by your mother’s to bring her some flowers. Just before I did the grocery shopping. I got –

Wife: (Excitedly, finishing his sentence) -- ice cream?

Hus: (Proudly) Vanilla.

Wife: (Boiling over) You know I like chocolate chocolate chunk!

Hus: You no-good...selfish...insensitive...

Female Ancr: (in understanding tone) There’s an all too common opinion about

PMS. Simply, it’s an excuse for women to over-react. (SFX: Crash) Trust instead the opinions of those who know all too well the reality of PMS -- but manage it with PMS Escape. Cycle after cycle, thousands of women rely on PMS Escape – a clinically tested, fat-free dietary supplement formulated to manage the mood and appetite disturbances of PMS.

Hus: (Hopeful) Hey honey...I was thinking you and me getting away...maybe visiting the family...

Wife: Probably your family...right? We never visit my family.

Female Ancr: So, you can manage to be around everyone else. PMS ESCAPE. Freedom from the emotional and appetite disturbances of PMS. Available at most leading pharmacies. Or call, 1-800-PMS-6369.