Winn Dixie Revised

It never ceases to amaze me, get sick and everybody has a home remedy. My Aunt Emma's cure all is crushed garlic and Limburger cheese in a sock tied around her neck. “ I never get sick” she says. That's, cause nobody can get within 50 yards of the woman. Then there's my cousin Moon Beam from California. Swears by frozen Tofu Daiquiris. And my mother - anytime she hears me sneeze wants to give me a oil and vinegar rub down. Great - unless you wanna smell like a salad bar for a week. Me, I just go down to Winn Dixie. There, low prices alone make me feel better, and by the time I go pick up some chicken my prescription is ready. That’s because they have a computer back there with a file with my name on it. They know my Doctors name, my allergies, and never once did they ask me to gargle with guacamole !