Sly Little Bear By Kathryn B. Jackson

Once there was a little bear who didn’t like to take a bath. When his mother said, “It’s Saturday, Little Bear, so go on in and take your bath,” he didn’t. He ran the water and took off his clothes. He sat down on the floor and flipped one paw in the water, back and forth, back and forth -- as if he were washing all nice and clean. Then he dried his paw and got dressed in his clean clothes, and came out. He thought he was pretty smart, that sly little bear! But one day his mother took a good look at him at inspection time. She even put on her glasses and took a better look. Then she said, “Little Bear, you look pretty dirty for a little bear who takes a bath every Saturday. It seems to me that you’d better take one every day of the week.” And after that, he did.