Home Depot (training Film For Puerto Rico)

Customer service has always been important at The Home Depot. Without customers there wouldn’t be a Home Depot. Today when we say customers first, we mean helping customers first. Helping people as if they were friends or family. Helping people in a way that builds customer relationships and strengthens our foundation of service.

Introducing First, a blueprint for making excellent service a reality in The Home Depot stores.

First is a specific set of behaviors that tells us how to help customers, it will be part of every customer interaction. First stops talking about service and actually makes it happen. Service that makes customers come back to us year after year. Are you ready?

First things first.

The first letter of First is F and it means find the customer and help the customer find the product.

Actively seek customers out and take charge of helping them find what they need.

One, find the customer. If you’re not tasking don’t sit back and wait for customers to find you, actively look for and find them.