Retail - Business Report

The biggest problem in retail is hiring, particularly hiring hourly workers. Some of the most important people you have working for you are the hourly workers that are dealing with the public on a day-by-day basis- at least according to unicrew, an Oregon-based company, which was founded in 1997 to service the needs of hourly employees. The people on the phones, the people at the cashier’s desk, the stock clerks, usually anyone in a store and those answering calls in an insurance company, are almost always hourly workers. They’re the people that deal with the public. Unicrew believes that hourly employees deserve the same job-hunting opportunities as their salaried counterparts. Traditionally, job seekers looking for a salaried position have many options, including placement firms and internet job searches. Unicrew’s mission to empower the hourly work force begins with making it easier to apply for the jobs they want. There’s a huge population out there that’s been getting hired the old-fashioned way, with paper and pencil based applications, and Unicrew wants to change all that and automate the entire process. Unicrew’s found a key to their success in the kiosks - or job centers - that can be found in a number of nationwide stores, including Target and Best Buy.