SAP JAM promo

We’re all looking for the killer idea - - where are you going to find yours?

On that 9:00 conference call?

In that 4:00 staff meeting?

Maybe somewhere in that avalanche of emails?

After all, the killer idea can come from anywhere…

Let’s say Vihan (PROUNCE V-HAN) in Bangalore has a basic plan.

Eva’s team in Frankfurt has to leverage that plan to get the designers up to speed…

Ping in Thailand has to pull together the resources to start production, fast…

And in London, your customer will probably want to make adjustments along the way.

With SAP Jam, business is finally getting social. Through collaboration that’s simple and secure... and puts everyone who needs to be there, literally on the same page.

Need an expert? Roll him in.

Onboard new hires? Easy.

Want your vendor with you for the last few weeks – send an invite.

All with the learning curve of social media. What learning curve? Exactly! (director's note -- the idea is that facebook doesn't come with a user manual -- it's just that easy)

And best of all, it’s all right there, wherever you happen to be.

Whether your people are around the world or around the corner, SAP Jam brings great minds together.

Business is finally getting social.