SuperSpeed Nation

Gender Male
Length :30
Target Demographic People who may want to change service providers
Character / Narrator Tech enthusiast, friend having a phone conversation
Vocal Direction Energized, smarty-pants, mix of geek and cool
Suggested Music Light techno or acoustic guitar
Suggested Sound Effects Sound of modem connecting, phone dialing, ringing

What’s that? You lost your Internet connection, again? Well, my friend, either your
downloading habits need to be curbed or you should get a new Internet service provider!
I’m with SuperSpeed Nation, the fastest, most reliable Internet connection on the
planet. I can even talk to relatives overseas through the Internet without missing a
beat... (hint of shock and surprise) You’re with who? Jason buddy, they’re not quite
what they advertised themselves to be now, are they? Well, there are no surprises with
Internet service provided by SuperSpeed Nation. Oh, want their number? Here it is...
(trails off).

Anncr: SuperSpeed Nation. Visit us on the web at