Confidence with Women

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Confidence with Women

Remember our conversation about money from the last chapter? Let me refresh your memory: it’s a commonly held belief that women are attracted to men with money. The reason women seem to fall for wealthy men is that humans work on what is called a “slippery slope mentality,” which means that our thought processes typically follow an “If this, then that” pattern. When a woman sees a man with money, she might automatically think “Hm…this could be the man for me. I can have whatever I want. I will be treated well.” But subconsciously, there’s a lot more going on than the simple
“I can get free stuff” thought process. After all, there are lots of guys out there who would treat her well – a bum could be the most loving and attentive boyfriend she’s ever had! – but she’s probably not going to be attracted to them because there are other factors at play in these situations.

Women understand that having money is indicative of other desirable qualities that make a man valuable, including confidence. Think back to what we went over earlier: if you have money, you probably had to work for it. If you earned that much money working, you probably hold a powerful position in which many people depend on you. Women typically find the idea that a man being capable of performing under extreme amounts of pressure to be highly attractive.

Women also like men in leadership positions because it signifies that people follow them, trust them, and place value in their opinions and ideas. A man like that is able to make other people feel valuable simply because they are
with them. Confidence, essentially, is the possession of the ability to increase the value of others around you. That’s why guys who don’t have money but do demonstrate this quality are still able to attract beautiful, self-assured women.

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