Library Of Congress Acoustic Guide

Welcome to the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. You have just come in through the west ground level entrance, under the granite archway. Start your visit here, at the Visitor's Center, where volunteers and automated information kiosks will help to answer your questions. On this level you'll also find the Sales Shop, a cloakroom, restrooms, and the theater where you can see a short film about the Library of Congress. Next, walk up the staircase on the south side of the Visitor's Center, or take one of the elevators, and go up one floor to the Great Hall. You are now in the center of the Great Hall. From here you will be able to appreciate the grandeur of the architecture. The ceiling, 75 feet above the marble floor, is decorated with stained glass skylights supported by elaborately paneled beams finished in aluminum leaf. In the center of the marble floor is a large brass inlay shaped like a sun, on which are inscribed the four cardinal points of the compass.