Gordon College

Welcome to Gordon College!
My name is Stephen and I will be your tour guide. This tour begins just outside the tunnel that goes under College Drive near the flag pole. We will tour East campus, then West Campus, and will end up back here at the tunnel.
Periodically, I will ask you to pause the recording so that you can walk to the next point or take a few minutes to independently tour the area. I will always use the word "pause" when you need to pause the recording. I will always use the word "stop" when you need to stop walking while I continue speaking.
This tour is intended to be listened to while walking around campus and does not include tours of any of the buildings. If you are taking this tour on a day when the buildings are open then please feel free to pause and enter the buildings along the way. In order to benefit the most from this recording remember to return to the spot on the tour where you paused the recording or to the spot where you were directed to go.