Berkeley Eye Center - Houston

At Berkeley Eye Care - Houston, it’s that special time of year when more patients decided to have Lasik than any other time of year. For many people, having new vision is just the perfect way to start off the new year. For others, it’s the chance to make a resolution that they can finally keep and enjoy every day of their lives. And for some people, having Lasik now is a chance to use those tax-free flex dollars at work and see Houston in a whole new light.

Whatever your reason, make 2013 the year you say ‘yes’ to Lasik at Berkeley Eye Center - Houston. With free patient financing, low monthly payments and our 2013 Lasik savings, having Lasik now is more affordable than ever. Call Berkeley Eye Center of Houston today at (281) 363-3443 and say ‘yes’ to Lasik. That’s (281) 363-3443 or visit us online at (pronounce as berkeley eye dot com)

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