X-Men Animated Series - "The Final Decision"

Senator Kelly: Why did you bring me here? What do you want?

Magneto: Your life. You see, Senator Kelly, like you I believe that mutants and normal humans cannot live together in peace. The war for survival must begin now, while we mutants are strong, and you are still divided. Your assassination would have ignited that war. I flew to Washington to witness the beginning of a new age. But, the X-Men saved you. It is up to me to finish what others have started.

(sound of throbbing energy)

Kelly: No, please! I've got a family! Children!

Magneto: Be quiet! When I was a boy, I saw men executed. Women and children, each night I swore to myself, never again. But, we must prevail. Goodbye, Senator. Mutant liberation begins.

(crashing sound)

Kelly: Sentinels!

Magneto: Fools! Do you think robots can resist the master of magnetism?

(energy sounds)

Sentinel (robot voice): This series of sentinels is made of plastics, not metals. Your magnetic powers are useless against us.

(large energy blast, Magneto hits wall and grunts)

Magneto: This entire ship is my weapon!
(energy sounds, metal bending and crunching, followed by an explosion)