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English Neutral - Speaks American English with an English Neutral accent on this demo


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calming, casual, informative, intelligent

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"I come from an acting background and studied with William Esper at Esper Studios. I have done theater and TV and written and produced my own work. I freelance with Atlas and Paradigm. LasikPlus Commercial Campaign, 3 Video Game Trailers, HBO iTunes Promos, Camellia Brand, Jagermeister, Demos for Almay, Discover, Discover Timeline. I have studied with Bruce Kronenberg and Marla Kirban at Marla Kirban Studios. In addition, I studied with UCB. I also do audio narration through ACX and Audible."

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I am the compassionate, intelligent, sexy, conversational, real, perky, confident, young, fresh, passionate, young mom, best friend, wise, single girl

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