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English Neutral - Speaks American English with an English Neutral accent on this demo




believable, big, biting/cutting, calming, clear, deep, powerful, soothing

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"I took my voice over talent to another level than I hoped for. In 2012 I stared on Season 7 of NBC's hit show "Americas Got Talent!" With my act being a movie voice over guy. It has been a big stepping stone for me, and I thank God for it. I have a lot of YouTube views of my voice over videos and fans to follow. I worked on my craft for a long time and discovered I would like to make it my natural lifestyle. I plan to help a lot people with their projects. I'm very hard working too."

Vocal qualities

I'm a happy sounding person. I am very energetic person. But when it comes down to voice over work I'm serious. And sound like a deep voice movie guy.

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