Toy store of your dreams

Elevator Lady: Hi and welcome to the Toy Store of your dreams. On the first floor you'll find ...

Someone: No! No! Argh! Get off me!

Elevator Lady: Oh. Haha (embarrassed) look at that. Wrong floor. Let's go up to the 40th floor where you'll get the best ...

Child: Mommy! Mommy! He stole my Teddy!

Young Mother: Oh no you don't mister! You give that back RIGHT now!

Elevator Lady: Oh did that door just open? That was one of our product testing floors. That gun was definitely not real. Ah. Here we are the 33rd floor where you can relax and listen to the sound of .. music. Isn't that a movie? Oh! I mean sound of the ocean. Oh there you see a normal couple .. over there .. nothing happening to them ..yeah. Go. Go. Go.

Girl: You promise you'll always be with me?

Boy: Yeaaaah. Of course. I mean, at least for the next hour or so .. or until the session ends.

Service Guy: Uh. Sir. Thank you for purchasing "Total Bliss". Your session is up. Would you like to buy another hour?

Boy: Yeaaaaah .. chicky. I apologize but you know, it's been real. And uh you were great ... see ya ...

Girl: Did you just dump me? Di..did HE just DUMP me?

Service Guy: It happens...

Girl: No I don't think so. It doesn't JUST happen.. oooooo (mad and storms off)

Service Guy: I guess they aren't going for another session. break time.