VO: The digital world makes everything easier …

… easier to get things done… easier to get what you want… and easier to stay in touch.

But it does make it harder to keep your personal information protected.

Because if you’re on an unsecured network… it’s harder to keep your personal information ... personal.

Did you know something as easy as posting pictures of your daughter’s birthday …

… might put you both at risk of identity theft?

Because with a little personal information an identity thief could get at the money in your bank accounts and the equity in your home. They could even hurt your ability to get credit.

But LifeLock believes you and your family shouldn’t have to give up the benefits of the digital world.

That’s why LifeLock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available – anywhere.

So enjoy your digital life … and let LifeLock watch out for you.

With LifeLock’s 24/7 Proactive Protection, you’re alerted by text, phone or email as soon as they detect suspicious activity in their network …

… before the damage is done.

VO: It doesn’t matter which devices you use or who you do business with … you’ll feel more secure with LifeLock’s proactive identity theft protection.

VO: And remember, fraud protection from your credit card is not the same as identity theft protection.

GIULIANI: Credit card fraud protection only protects your credit card accounts from fraudulent charges, and when an identity thief strikes they’re likely to cause you much bigger problems. You have to be prepared. That’s why I joined LifeLock.

Let LifeLock’s proactive identity theft protection take care of you and your family.

Call 1-800-543-3562 or go online and get 60 days of LifeLock’s protection risk free …

…and make it easy to enjoy the digital world.

Call 1-800-543-3562 or go online to, use promo code 1234, and get 60 days of LifeLock’s protection risk free.

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