Jesus Is Lord

I completed my research and began writing this book several years ago. One morning in the middle of my writing session the telephone rang. Our son Brent called to give us bad news about our eighteen-month old granddaughter Marley. While having a routine well-baby visit at the doctor’s office, something abnormal surfaced. Brent and Nikki, his wife, immediately took Marley to the children’s hospital. The first test revealed a malignant brain tumor.
Sue and I dropped everything and quickly drove to Kansas City to support our kids. This book went into a box under my desk for three years. Our journey with Marley during that time was filled with both high and low times emotionally. We learned to cherish every minute of every day with her. She taught us a lifetime of lessons about the meaning of life and faith in Christ. Every family member grew in remarkable ways from that blessed but difficult journey we walked together.
A few weeks after we returned from the cemetery, I got the box of random thoughts of this book out from under my desk. I decided it was time to write again. I realized as I started writing that Marley cast her impression on every page. You see, the Lordship of Christ has taken on an entirely different meaning for me as a result of Marley’s life. Now I don’t just think of Jesus being Lord over all of the areas you are going to read about in this book. I also think of Jesus as the One who now has the care of my precious granddaughter.