Energy Star


ENERGY STAR: This is the city. There are a million appliances here. Most are hardworking. Occasionally, however, one goes bad - wasting energy and running up utility costs. That's where I come in. I wear a star. The Energy Star. I was working the day shift when the call came in.

DISPATCHER: Energy Star, clothes washer wasting family money!

ENERGY STAR: We arrived just in time!

WOMAN: Thank goodness you're here! Our clothes washer....

WASHER: Give me more juice! More Juice!

ENERGY STAR: Is he always this agitated?

WOMAN: He's going through a bad cycle.

WASHER: Hey! Why can't we go for a little spin?

ENERGY STAR: Ma'am, it's time for and Energy Star qualified clothes washer.

WOMAN: Just because he's in hot water?

WASHER: I want more juice!

ENERGY STAR: Ma'am, and Energy Star qualified washer can save your family nearly $650 over the life of your washer depending on your usage.

WOMAN: Six hundred and fifty dollars????

ENERGY STAR: Yes, ma'am.

WOMAN: Take him away! Oh, wait, let me get my stockings out first....

WASHER: Hey You! Get your filthy hands off me! I want my lawyer!

ENERGY STAR: The figures you have just heard are true. Look for Energy Star lighting appliances wherever appliances are sold.