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About Kritsada J

Gender: Male
Reading Age: 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s
Languages & Accents:
Other Skills: Used to work full time as presenter/producer for the BBC World Service in London, a newscaster for a local TV in Thailand.
Union Affiliations: Non-union
Personal Marketing Statement:

I can record via Skype from a professional studio in Bangkok.

Here is a TV spot I recently recorded via Skype for Blackberry Z10 for an agent based in Singapore (on air in Thailand): And this is a promo I recorded via Skype for another brand Tressemme:

Overview Description Of My Voice:

Provided v/o in Thai to many leading companies e.g. Harley Davidson, Christian Dior, Blackberry, Google Adwords, Shell, Esso, Starbucks and etc.

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