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I love to eat pretzels...but I don't like feeling like one.. all twisted and knotted up. But that's just the way I was feeling after years of football, baseball and pick up basketball games. Some days it was hard just getting out of bed in the morning! I knew I had to do something about the way I was feeling.
That's why I decided to call Harmony Chiropractic, the Northeast leader in the treatment of sports related injuries and chiropractic care. The initial consultation was free, and the knowledgeable, friendly staff was quickly able to develop a plan of care that has gotten me on the road to recovery. In fact, I was feeling a lot better after just one visit!
Call 1-866-555-3569 to schedule your free consultation today. Trust me, your body will thank you.
Hmmmmm, now, where did I leave those pretzels???

Harmony Chiropractic...working to keep your body in tune.