American Tire Supply (casual, conversational, let go of your diction a little, animated, BE YOURSELF)

Free. Now when’s the last time ya’ heard that? A while...right? Well at American Tire Supply, when you buy one all-weather radial tire, you get another one free! Plus, get a free alignment! Hey, with a deal like this, how can you NOT afford to visit.?

Fred Meyer (bright, excited, urgent, super clear, polished, smiley, positive)

It’s the Fred Meyer Doorbuster Sale this Saturday!
All Crayola products are 50% off, so now is a
great time to stock up and save.
At the Doorbuster Sale, this Saturday at Fred Meyer!

Crate & Barrel 3 (elegant, slow build, anticipation, tasteful, formal, clear diction)

A night at the Opera. The house lights dim. The conductor begins the overture. A great, round sound unfolds. A tenor of incredible presence, beautiful color, well-crafted phrasing resonates. A sensual, rhythmic vocal line unfurls. The staging is opulent, the atmosphere rich. An enormous experience of dramatic value. Bravo. The Lyric sofa.

The Land Of Egypt (hushed, quiet intensity, small dynamic, be subtle, don’t over power the images, narrow the eyes, lean in, “trying to figure something out”)

Egypt has always been a land of mystery and magic- a land different from all others, difficult to understand, apart and alien, yet strangely fascinating. It was the most self-contained of all the countries of the ancient world; it lived its own life, practiced its own religion, and made up its own government with hardly any outside interference either from or upon other civilizations.