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Languages & Accents

British - Speaks American English with a British accent on this demo
English Neutral - Speaks American English with an English Neutral accent on this demo


Animation, Audiobooks, Impersonations


airy, arrogant, attitude, classy, dignified, elegant, intelligent, powerful

About this talent

In their own words

" I received a "Best Actress" award, the L.A Times awarded me "the most memorable performance of the year". The NY Times said "Caitlin O'Heaney is a wonder,with impeccable timing she roars through the play like a tornado!." I starred on ABC TV in "The Charmings" as Snow White, Norman Lear's "Apple Pie" as Anna Marie Hollyhock & "Tales of The Gold Monkey" as Sarah White. Performing with Pete Seeger, The West View said, "O'Heaney sang with a rich tone & vibrato reminiscent of early Joan Baez."

Vocal qualities

My voice: cultured, sensual, strong & dynamic, diction is excellent. Also: educated, sassy, friendly,soothing, sexy,ditsy girl next door.

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