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English Neutral - Speaks American English with an English Neutral accent on this demo


Documentaries & Film, E-learning


dignified, expressive, intelligent, luxurious, soothing, trustworthy

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"During my first acting career, I recorded Huckleberry Finn for Recorded Books, film trailers for New Line Cinema, and regional spots in Florida and upstate New York. After a book I wrote became a national best seller I devoted myself to writing full time. I resumed acting four years ago and in that time have managed to stay busy. My voice conveys warmth, integrity and gravitas, but easily takes on a lighter, quick-witted sound. I take direction very quickly and very well."

Vocal qualities

My voice is dignified, expressive, intelligent, inviting, luxurious, soothing, trustworthy. Can also sound witty, cutting, fierce.

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