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About Sandy R

Gender: Female
Reading Age: preteen, teenager, 20s, 30s, 40s
Languages & Accents:
Boston - Can perform American English with a Boston accent
British - Can perform American English with a British accent
Canadian - Can perform American English with a Canadian accent
English Neutral - Native speaker
Hebrew - Speaks American English with a Hebrew accent
Hispanic - Can perform American English with a Hispanic accent
Italian - Speaks American English with a Italian accent
Midwestern - Native speaker
New Jersey - Native speaker
New York - Native speaker
Russian - Speaks American English with a Russian accent
Southern - Native speaker
Spanish Neutral (no accent) - Native speaker
Ukrainian - Speaks American English with a Ukrainian accent
Urban - Can perform American English with a Urban accent
Other Skills: singing, impersonations, I have worked for over 15 years in ADR Looping, and am therefore quite trained in affecting my voice in various ways depending on character needs.
Union Affiliations: SAG, AFTRA
Personal Marketing Statement:

Most recently I was the recipient of an AudioFile Earphones Award for narrating Wally Lamb's new book, WE ARE WATER. I just completed narrating Cameron Diaz's, THE BODY BOOK and begin work next month on NY Times Bestselling authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, CONFIDENCE CODE. I work regularly with, Harper Audio, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, and John Marshall Media.

In addition to be being a voice actress,I am also a stage/tv actress and a playwright.

Overview Description Of My Voice:

I have a warm, easy-going voice, with the ability to infuse humor and quirkiness. I have a comfortable sound, and work well in fiction and non-fiction

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