The One Card

Call it bad luck or some kind of dulled survival instinct but, doesn’t it always seem like the line you pick to stand in ends up taking the longest? It never fails. Things are moving along great, and then, right in front of you, someone starts writing out a check. And then, you have to stand there while they agonize over whether to put little Xs or little Os in the fraction part. So, as a service to yourself and your fellow shoppers, get the One Card…the Visa Check Card from Bank One. The One Card lets you buy things and get cash directly from your checking account, which means no more writing checks or fumbling for ID. You can even get your One Card personalized with your name and signature right on the front. Best of all, the One Card is accepted at millions of Visa locations, even on-line and on the phone. So, maybe if more people started paying for things with the One Card, we’d all spend a little less time waiting in lines. I mean, just because we’re all getting older, doesn’t mean it has to happen in the dog food isle at the Shop Mart.