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About Adriana P

Gender: Female
Reading Age: 30s, 40s
Languages & Accents:
English Neutral - Can perform American English with an English Neutral accent
South American (Northern) - Native speaker
Spanish Neutral (no accent) - Native speaker
Other Skills: My strongest skill is my neutral, non-accented Spanish which fits in very well across the board to all Spanish speaking demographics in the US Hispanic Market as well as the International market.
Union Affiliations: Non-union, SAG, AFTRA
Personal Marketing Statement:

For the past 20 years, I have been blessed to be the voice of giants like: McDonalds, American Airlines, Payless and Dunkin'Donuts. Yet some of my most interesting projects have been for non-broadcast productions in the Telephony part of the industry. I really enjoy recording those! Other favorite recordings have been for charitable organizations as well. I love what I do and engage in every production that I work with regardless of the rate - I take great pride in my work!

Overview Description Of My Voice:

I'm the real, honest, caring woman, Very articulate and heart felt voice yet very good with educational, narration and a professional sound.

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