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English Neutral - Speaks American English with an English Neutral accent on this demo




attitude, believable, cool, gravely, powerful, rough, sexy, tough

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In their own words

"I have been recently selected to be the voice of The Men's Wearhouse. Other recent clients include Hyundai, FICO, Google, Nissan, Spotify, and Bose. I am also one of the most popular voices used for Animated Explainers OTHER CLIENTS: HYUNDAI, NISSAN, FOX, KELLOGG'S, JEEP, DIRECTV, NIKE, McDONALDS, DISNEY, NBC, MILLER BEER, FORD, MOUNTAIN DEW, TOYOTA, DORITOS, TEQUIZA, PABST, MAZDA, TACO BELL, LEVI'S, HONDA, HILTON GARDEN INN, INTEL MARKETING AWARDS, SAGE SOFTWARE, PAC-SUN, HERBALIFE"

Vocal qualities

Conversational, Friendly, Real. I have a broad range which goes from youthful to middle aged masculine.

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888-321-3343   production@edgestudio.com

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212-868-3343   production@edgestudio.com

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