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Languages & Accents

New York - Speaks American English with a New York accent on this demo


Animation, Audiobooks, Commercials, E-learning


believable, cool, cute, enthusiastic, exciting, expressive, fun, happy, playful, raspy

About this talent

In their own words

"I am the voice of the "Spike the Baby Dragon" Toy in Toys R' Us Stores worldwide for Hasbro's "My Little Pony" Brand! I am the voice of other National Brands such as LEGO, REEBOK, FISHER PRICE/MATTEL! I am the Narrator for the 12 CD "American Biography" series - I am the voice of "Forrest" for Pokemon's Battle Frontier Series on Cartoon Network"

Vocal qualities

I am the young raspy character voice with a cool but a quirky edge. Also can sound educational and informative!

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