Gates of Fire by Stephen Pressfield

“I was keenly conscious of the comrades-in-arms who had fallen with me. A bond surpassing by a hundredfold that which I had known in life bound me to them. I felt a sense of inexpressible relief and realized that I had feared, more than death, separation from them. I apprehended that excruciating war survivor’s torment, the sense of isolation and self-betrayal
experienced by those who had elected to cling yet to breath when their comrades had let loose their grip. That state which we call life was over. I was dead. And yet, titanic as was that sense of loss, there existed a keener one which I now experienced and felt my brothers-in-arms feeling with me.“

Pressfield, Steven (2007-01-30). Gates of Fire (Kindle Locations 152-155). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.