”Sunchips lovers believe that 'wholeness' is the road to happiness.”

“They believe in embracing themselves, quirks et al.” (maybe do an alternate -"quirks and all")

“Sunchips lovers believe in moderation not deprivation”

“They are self directed and do not follow trends.”

“Instead they dance to their own tunes”

“They would rather chase rich experiences than riches”

“They find joy in the small pleasures of life”

“And believe in making healthy choices that will benefit the whole family.”

"Why do consumers love sun chips?"

”SunChips is authentic and real”

”SunChips is about loving life...”

“.. And not needing it to be perfect."

”SunChips is about effortless and accessible fun.”

“It is about being quirky without being childish.”

”SunChips gives consumers the feeling they are doing good for themselves.”

”Besides what the brand stands for, consumers also love what the product brings.”

”Sunchips is like a sensory treat and engages all the senses.”

“One of the key brand differentiators is MULTIGRAIN symbolizing that SunChips is made of whole, real ingredients.”

“The unique wave shape of the chips represents flow and balance.”

“The crunch is hearty and crispy and then swifty falls apart.”

“The crunch is hearty and crispy and then swifty falls apart."

”Sunchips enjoys tremendous brand love!”