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About Stefan Ashton F

Gender: Male
Reading Age: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, senior
Languages & Accents:
African American Neutral - Can perform American English with an African American Neutral accent
British - Can perform American English with a British accent
English Neutral - Native speaker
Hispanic - Can perform American English with a Hispanic accent
New York - Can perform American English with a New York accent
Southern - Can perform American English with a Southern accent
Urban - Can perform American English with a Urban accent
Other Skills: singing, I make noise for a living. I am an American singing and doing Voice overs from London, and all around the world. My speaking voice is on TV in most continents daily. I’m on many cartoons, video games and 1000s of tv promos, film trailers, and commercials. I have a full production recording studio where I record and produce ads, songs, TV promos, network & channel branding and music, complete with Source connect (21st century ISDN) I have also co-written and performed a comedy album called Dogland. Written several TV formats, some of which are in various stages of production. Voiced the part of Diego & Duke for Ice Age Live, Speedy McAllister on Chuggington for Disney, Mr.Robinson & many others on the Emmy and Bafta award winning Amazing world of Gumball for Cartoon network. Many on going Music, Animation, Video games and TV projects. I have been Singing, Gigging, Songwriting and producing records for 30 years, with everybody from George Clinton to Boy George,The Prodigy to Rufus Wainwright. Website
Union Affiliations: Non-union, SAG, AFTRA
Personal Marketing Statement:

My website
Here is what I do

Overview Description Of My Voice:

I am hard sell, soft sell, no sell, friendly, scary,carbon-neutral-ish, comedic, friendly, natural, wry, dry, believable,deep,versatile, re-useable

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