Ben Carson for President

Dr. Ben Carson has been well-known for years as a world-class surgeon, serving at Johns Hopkins Hospital as head of pediatric neurosurgery. On February 7, 2013 he became known for the first time as a rising star in conservative politics. That was the day when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, eloquently expressing his conservative ideals as President Barack Obama watched from only feet away.
Since his groundbreaking speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, Dr. Carson has continued to rise in popularity among conservatives and many have speculated about whether he will run for President.
In his CPAC speech on March 16, 2013, Carson discussed the hypothetical situation in which voters “magically put me in the White House.” He also announced that he will retire from his medical career at the end of 2013, explaining that, “I want to quit while I’m at the top of my game, and there are so many more things that could be done.” His retirement obviously would free him up to pursue political office.
Days later, he told the New York Times that he would consider public service under the right circumstances: “[I]f a year-and-a-half went by and there was no one on the scene and people are still clamoring, I would have to take [running for President] into consideration…”
There appears to be a real chance that Ben Carson will run for President. He is singularly qualified to succeed as a conservative, Christian Presidential candidate for the following reasons: