Personality Selling

When you have defined properly what you are selling, you can better focus your attention on doing the things that matter. So, what do you sell? Hopefully, you didn’t answer this question by saying something like cars, insurance, computers, stocks, or buy memberships. Perhaps you had a better answer, like “SOLUTIONS.” Well, you’re getting warmer. You’re selling FEELINGS, pure and simple! Remember the line from the old sales books that states “People buy with emotions, then justify with logic.” For most people, even veteran salespeople, this fundamental concept can take years to fully understand. However, when you finally get it, a whole new world opens up for you. You don’t buy a car because you want a car You buy a car because it satisfies a particular set of criteria, which in turn, makes you feel good or better than not buying that car.
Let’s go back to basics and define the essence of what motivates us.