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About Lauren S

Gender: Female
Reading Age: child, preteen, teenager, 20s, 30s
Languages & Accents:
British - Can perform American English with a British accent
English Neutral - Native speaker
Mandarin - Native speaker
Southern - Can perform American English with a Southern accent
Other Skills: singing, While I lived in China, I did a lot of ESL recording work, for textbooks and at home learning. I also teach Mandarin and ESL.
Union Affiliations: Non-union
Personal Marketing Statement:

I previously worked on many ESL projects when I lived in Beijing, China. Textbook recording, audio book recording, singing and more for various schools and companies, and most well known for a children's educational series for Tsing Hua University Press (one of China's most prestigious universities). I am interested in expanding my voiceover work repertoire.

Overview Description Of My Voice:

My voice is young, energetic, soothing, friendly, warm. It can also be professional/educational, sultry/sexy, bright, animated and conversational.

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