Data Center 1 Virtual Walkthrough

Welcome to the virtual tour of Data Center One, or D-C one as we call it. D-C one
is our state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar facility designed to deliver services that
will empower your business. Over 2 years of planning was put into the
development of this data center to ensure that it meets or exceeds data centers
located in large metropolitan areas. Let’s start our tour by taking a look at some of
the structural highlights.
First - this room and the operations center as a whole are set up with one foot thick
steel-reinforced concrete walls, along with an eight-inch steel, reinforced concrete
slab roof. When designing this building, the specifications to withstand a direct
hit from an F5 tornado were effectively doubled.
Additionally, we also have INERGEN fire suppression throughout this room and
the facility. This is the environmentally friendly replacement for Halon, so it's easy
on the electronics and easy on the environment.