Fugro believes in the value of up-to-date 3D digital asset information

On large industrial sites, many sources of 2D & 3D information co-exist and are used by specialist software and suitably skilled users.

Engineers and maintenance departments need to be able to rely on as-built data like Terrestrial Laser Scans, 3D Models, Panoramic images and annotations.

Fugro presents a solution towards keeping the 3D digital asset information up-to-date by offering 3 services:
- 3D measurement service,
- data management service and
- webservice.

This way stakeholders can work:
- more efficiently
- more safely
- and with a higher level of quality.


Field data is acquired and validated in a continuous process by the 3D measurement service.

SITE-SPOT is designed for frequent updates and accommodates your laser scan history.

Authorized users are able to navigate through the 3D virtual environment.
Clever tools create value by simplifying daily operational processes.
Tools within SITE-SPOT include:
- measurement,
- annotation,
- inspection,
- and reporting, such as the creation of cross-sections,
- additionally, users have access to an advanced query system to select and view model data in both 2D and 3D.

Join some of the leading industrial sites in the world by improving your digital asset information with SITE-SPOT. Visit fugrositespot.com for more information and request a demonstration.