High School Dance

Rachel: So, your seriously not coming to the dance tonight?
Cassandra: No why would I?
Rachel: Because it would be so much fun! Seriously Cassie come. Stop being such a social outcast.
Cassandra: Fun?! You think going to one school function dance where people all gather together and pretend to like each other is fun? No thanks! I think I’ll pass on this one. Besides I like my social status in school just fine where it is. Oh and Rachel, don’t call me Cassie. It’s so peppy.
Rachel: Fine whatever. My date is picking me up soon so I have to go get dressed.
Cassandra: Wait, who are you going with anyway?
Rachel: Well, I’m going with Neil.
Cassandra: (laughs) Sorry, couldn’t contain myself. Why are you going with him? I thought you called him the “creepiest, weirdest, nerdiest thing on the planet”.
Rachel: He is. The only reason I’m going with him is because he promised me he would help me with my science and math projects.
Cassandra: You are so evil.
Rachel: Thanks, I get it all from you my favorite twin sister. I’ll be back before 11.
Cassandra: OK have fun. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.
Rachel: With Neil!? Trust me I won’t.