Not another word!

Little Girl: Is anyone gonna come for us soon?
Little Boy: They should be. How can anyone NOT hear your annoying voice?
Little Girl: Hey I happen to have a beautiful voice thank you very much.
Older Girl: Alright guys that’s enough from both of you.
Little Girl: But he said…
Older Girl: I know what he said. Now if you want to be found by someone we all have to keep quiet otherwise we’ll lose all of our energy.
Little Boy: Well we wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for her. Why don’t you ever listen to what anyone says?
Little Girl: How was I supposed to know that we were going to fall into this giant ditch?
Older Girl: Did you guys NOT just hear me?
Little Boy: Oh I don’t know probably by NOT following random strangers.
Little Boy: Sorry I’m just really angry that we’re stuck down here for this stupid dummy. We shouldn’t have even gone after her.
Little girl: Hey!
Little Boy: Well it’s true, you’re always making more trouble for us.
Little Girl: No it’s not.
Older Girl: Enough you two. I don’t wanna hear another word out of you. Got it?
Little Boy: yeah
Little Girl: mmhmm
Little Boy: So…
Older girl: I said… not… another… word.