Anime Video Game Protagonist

Accent: Any
The main protagonist on the game.

Audition Lines:
[A girl is upset/angry at you.] I'm sorry!! I was just... I was just so tired I forgot to knock... I wasn't... trying to walk in on you on purpose... [as in walk in the bathroom to do morning routines but instead he saw Makoto there] or anything like that... [with tinier voice] So I... umm... I'm really really sorry... so please...

[Saving Makoto from the perverted guy] Makoto!!! What's going on? Is this guy making trouble for you? Sorry. I just spaced out a little bit. [To perverted person] Ah. Sorry, but she's with me. If you've got business with her you can say it in front of me. So? What have you got to say?

No question--- I want sushi! Yeah. Sushi is like, Japan's trademark, right? Wait! Honestly, I do want to eat sushi, but not just oridinary sushi...