If We Learn To Taste The Life When It Is Bitter

In life,
so often you meet a corner
which seems more dark,
more life threatening,
more painful to pass through
and a path with hard, rugged and
unforgiving surface...

The journey gets worse
when the path is split into two,
each with the same nightmare of
all those undesirable things...

But it is hard for people to understand
that every path should always lead to a place
where there are traces of light,
and then a place which is lit with the beauties of life,
and then ultimately to a place
where it is finally sunrise..

Failures, difficult times and painful moments
are not trap holes;
they are not even your speed breakers;
they are just small thorns on the way
which bring your head down
so that you'd pull them off
and throw them away...

And to make things better,
difficulties and failures in life
come with a useful lesson for life...

If no one went through such hard times,
If no one had failed in this world,
if no one had made small mistakes in their lives,
history would have been an easy subject,
with only a few names to remember
and a few legendary lives to learn from;
There would have been a few biographies and autobiographies;
And we would be living a life
with a fewer scientific inventions!

But the truth is,
there are countless names in history,
countless biographies in the library
and every artificial thing I look at
is pretty much a symbol of the
scientific progress of the mankind...

If we learn to taste the life when it is bitter,
tasting it when it is sweet is more beautiful!