The Case of the Cursed Dodo

We FADE IN on the Sahara Desert. It's sizzling hot. Sand dunes stretch off in the distance like waves on a huge ocean. A small figure cuts a path across the desolate landscape. As the figure gets closer, we see that he's cloaked from head to toe in traditional Bedouin garb. Every step is a struggle against the harsh desert wind. But strangely, this figure is not walking. He's hopping. Two short ears stick out the top of his head wrap. He stops abruptly, spotting something half-buried in the sand in front of him. It's a tattered and weathered suitcase. The figure loosens his headscarf, revealing the puzzled furry face of a hispid hare, a rare bunny from the Himalayas. He looks out through thick spectacles. His nose wiggles wildly, sniffing the air for danger. The hare cautiously wipes away the layers of sand covering the suitcase, exposing a number of brightly-colored luggage stickers. Suddenly, his nose stops wiggling. His small eyes fix on one of the decals. It's the image of a hotel silhouetted against a jungle backdrop. Across the bottom it reads, "WILDLIFE'S LAST RESORT." The Sahara winds seem to rise up and swirl around the hare as he lifts the suitcase from its desert grave. The noise of the blowing sand grows to a crescendo as we CUT TO BLACK.

Panda, Jake G. (2014-11-23). The Case of the Cursed Dodo (The Endangered Files Book 1) (pp. 3-5). Woolly Family Studios. Kindle Edition.

Contributed by Richurd