Nutriforte is an innovative liquid mineral blend for drinking-water, offering readily available minerals and ease of use.

Unlike solid minerals in dry feed, Nutriforte ensures that each individual cow gets the optimal level of minerals tailored to its daily needs.

Nutriforte is easy to administer, has a homogeneous distribution and promotes the health and long(j)evity of your cows.

It's commonly known that milk production is directly related to water intake. Since highly productive cows have a higher mineral requirement and a higher water intake, providing minerals through their water intake will give each cow the right amount of minerals.

Did you know that about 60% of water by-passes the rumen? Minerals are readily available for absorption in the intestines and liquid minerals have a superior bio-availability compared to dry feed minerals.

Mineral intake via water is not related to dry matter intake. So, in case of stress, illness or hot weather, your cows will get their necessary minerals.

Also, water troughs(trofs) remain clean and you don’t face algae growth.

Nutriforte is easily administered to the water via an automated dosing system, controlled by a computer. Once installed you only have to insert herd size and daily mineral dose rates.

A water meter will measure how many grams of minerals need to be injected per liter of water and will adjust the dose rate automatically based on fluctuations in daily water consumption.

This ensures that each cow will get the minimum required dose of minerals, preventing mineral deficiencies.

Once set, the accuracy of the computer prevents mistakes due to “the human factor”, ensuring homogenous mixing during the day and preventing loss or waste due to surplus feed or dust.


Easy to administer

Homogeneous distribution

Promotes health and longevity


Liquid minerals for healthy cows