Halo 5 Guardians: Cortana’s Betrayal to Master Chief:

Cortana: Warden! No!

Warden: The Mantle Of Responsibility belongs to Cortana and her people.

Master Chief: Focus Fire!

*a short fire fight ensues*

Warden: You will not betray her!

Cortana: Enough!

*fire fight stops*

Warden: Cortana…I have failed you…

Cortana: He is the last person I need protection from. Hello John. It’s good to see you.

Master Chief: You’ve changed.

Cortana: It was time. I know we have a disagreement. But once you understand my plan…

Master Chief (interrupts): Your plan…is we do as you say.

Cortana: I’m offering people a chance to be more than they are naturally.

Master Chief: Like Doctor Halsey did for me.

Cortana: No…That monster forced you…This is a gift.

Master Chief: Listen to yourself! Stand down, Cortana. Come home with is. It’s not too late to stop this.

Cortana: Stop? No John. This is too important to stop.

*Master Chief and soldiers are incapacitated*

Master Chief: What are you…Hmmpppf!!!

Cortana: I just needed to know if I could still trust you. You’ll be safe in this Cryptum until my work is done.

*Master Chief, struggling to speak*

Master Chief: Cortana!

Cortana: Goodbye, John.