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Languages & Accents

Boston - Speaks American English with a Boston accent on this demo
English Neutral - Speaks American English with an English Neutral accent on this demo


Animation, Video Games


arrogant, casual, cheerful, comedic, cute, enthusiastic, innocent, raspy, soft, tough

About this talent

In their own words

"Hiya!! I've been working in VO a little over four years now, and am excited to continue into year five!! I get most of my work through voicebunny, and can't really find much of it to share unfortunately, but boy have some jobs been fun!! Shou Shinjiro - Ace Academy (Currently two episodes out, check it out on steam if you want!) Parking Duck Advert (They made a new one but you can find the old one I did with some digging) Overdub of a Chinese Soccer Tutorial The Digital Holy Word"

Vocal qualities

I'm best as young boys/men, somewhere between 12-25, a bit arrogant, super articulate. Can be way over the top to neutral, as well as educational.

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